How to Join Band

Join the University High School
Band and Marching Trojan Regiment

How to join

1. Band Ensemble Audition – Mr. Heddon will visit your middle school class to hear your audition. Ask your middle school band director for audition music and the date of your audition or visit the “New Member” section of our website. Auditions will take place during class time at your middle school. If you do not audition you will only be eligible for the Concert Band – not the Symphonic Band or the prestigious Wind Ensemble.

2. Sign up for Band and the Marching Trojan Regiment when you meet with the Uni counselors to set your high school schedule – Sign up for Concert Band. If you audition into a higher ensemble, Mr. Heddon will fix your schedule for you. You must be enrolled in a band class to also participate in the Marching Trojan Regiment.

3. Turn in your Marching Trojan Regiment Camp forms immediately to confirm your spot in the marching band. Mr. Heddon needs to have the “University High School Marching Trojan Regiment Camp” form and the “UHS Band/Interest Form” form by June 1st.

4. Turn in your donation with your forms! We ask for a $225 donation from each member to fund the Marching Trojan Regiment season. You will receive a tax deduction letter to include with your taxes, as we are a non-profit organization. Make Checks payable to ‘UHS Band Aides’ and please write the student name on the memo line.

5. Attend the Marching Trojan Regiment Future Freshmen Day on Tuesday, June 10th from 3:30- 5:00 p.m. in Room 601 at Uni. Come get the scoop on what it takes to be an awesome member of The Regiment. You do not need to bring your instrument to this event. Come meet your student leaders for next year and enjoy ice cream!

6. Attend the University High School Marching Trojan Regiment Camp. The camp will take place from August 10th through 14th and 17th through 21st from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We will be learning music and marching maneuvers for our fall competitive field show and the songs we will be playing in the stands at football games. This is a mandatory event for all Marching Trojan Regiment members, so mark your calendars now!



Things to Consider

1. We do a lot of fun things – From beach bonfires and Galaxy Bowl events, to the Spring trips we take every other year (Hawaii 2009, Bahamas/Disney World 2011, Hawaii 2013, Bahamas/Disney World 2015), we know how to have a good time. You will make a lot of friends, be proud of your accomplishments in the band, and have a good time in the process. Don’t miss out on the fun.

2. Our students are the best – We have proof! Band students take the same amount of academic classes that non band students take. We have students who get into top Ivy League schools. We have students who get 2400 on their SAT tests. You can be a great student and be in band and marching band.

3. Universities like to see well rounded students. Showing a university that you know how to be part of a team and understand what it means to be committed to something for four years is very important.

4. Band and Marching Band – You must be enrolled in a band class to also participate in the Marching Trojan Regiment. If you take the Marching Trojan Regiment you do not have to take P.E. While you do not HAVE to be in the Marching Trojan Regiment, it really gives students the complete experience. You are going to LOVE this ensemble.

5. Sports! – You can be in any sport and still play in band. If you play a Winter or Spring sport, you can still be in the Marching Trojan Regiment with no conflict at all. You cannot play in a Fall sport and the marching band, since they practice at the same time.

6. Talent – If you do not play a band instrument we will teach you how to play. If you play a string instrument or have played the piano in the past, we can teach you what you need to know in order to be a successful member of the band. Even if you have never had any music training you can still be involved.

7. Communicate – We must know whether you will be joining or not by June 1st. Make sure that you follow the steps below to ensure that you have a spot in this amazing ensemble.

8. Anyone can join! Many students have heard that marching band takes up too much time. This is simply not the case. With the new bell schedule, students will spend less time than ever outside of school.

9. Rehearsals start during 6th period and go no later than 4:00, which still gives students plenty of time to study and complete their homework.

10. Interested in trying a new instrument? We are in need of more trumpet and low brass players. Let Mr. Heddon know if you’re interested.

Course Offerings

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Heddon, the University High School Instrumental Music Director, at Be sure to check the Uni Instrumental Music Department website for current information about band camp and visit the “New Member” section –


Band Camp 2014

Band Students and Parent,

Band Camp 2014 begins one week from today. I hope you are as excited as I am for the beginning of another great season. Band Camp will be begin on Monday, August 18 at 8:00 am. We will meet in the band room for a full Marching Trojan Regiment meeting before we begin rehearsing. There will be a lunch break from 12:00 – 1:00 and we will conclude rehearsal at 3:30. That is the basic schedule for Monday through Friday for the next two weeks. Parents – students typically have some cleaning up to do after each rehearsal. Please allow about 15 minutes before you expect to see your student ready to leave campus.

The first day, all students will receive an information packet the explains all about the program and what is expected of every member. The packet should be reviewed carefully immediately after the first day of rehearsal by members AND PARENTS to ensure that we all are working together towards having a successful season.

The day before camp begins, be sure to drink more water than you usually do. We want you to be very hydrated so everyone feels well throughout the day.  This is VERY important as we will be working hard and spending a lot of time in the sun. Sunscreen, a good hat, and appropriate light weight athletic clothing and shoes are very important. NO JEANS and NO SANDALS.

For returning members who understand what these are, I have attached the coordinates for the entire field show. Look for your name at the top of each sheet.  There should be two sheets for every member. That is the drill for the whole show. You may begin working on your dot book.  Small thumbnails of every page of drill has been posted to the webstie. Download the pdf and print it out. Every page of your dot book should have every set written out on its own page and the corresponding thumbnail cut and glued onto that page too.  For new members, you need to purchase a “dotbook.” They can be purchased at Staples, Office Depot, or maybe even at a Rite Aid or Walgreens.  Here is a description

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​On the first day of camp, be sure to bring your instrument, music (there will be revised show music parts posted to the website by the end of the week), water, hat, sunscreen, lunch or lunch money, forms, donations, and a great attitude. The first day we will begin teaching the marching technique and work on music – both our warm-up/technique book (same as last year’s for the wind players) and show music. The faster we perform our show music at a high level, the sooner we can get to learning drill.

We are set up for great success this year. There is a lot to learn over the next few months and our success depends on how well we work together. Every member must do their part to propel this band to the next level. Let’s start by being prepared for the first day. This is going to be the best University High School Marching Trojan Regiment yet!



Corey Heddon
Instrumental Music Director
University High School
Irvine, CA